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Farm Insurance: What should be included in your Farm Insurance Quote?

Updated: May 2

An Irish Farm

When it comes to farm insurance every farmer wants the same thing. They want the right cover for their farm for less. It makes good business sense to always be on the lookout for a more competitive farm insurance quote. After all, insurance premiums are an ever-present and necessary business expense.

Of course, the lowest possible premium shouldn’t be a farm owner's only concern. Insurance needs to protect what matters to the individual needs of the farm. With this in mind, it’s worth taking a minute to review your current cover to make sure it does indeed cover what’s essential to the running of your farm. This, of course, begs the question: What should be covered in a Farm insurance quote?

Farm Insurance

Just as no two farms are identical, no two farm insurance quotes should be the same. What is right for one farm, isn’t necessarily right for your farm.

Some factors to keep in mind while searching for the right insurance quote include:

  • Is it important to have vehicles or speciality equipment included in the quote?

  • Are livestock included in the quote?

  • Does the farm property cover also cover buildings?

  • If your home is on the farm, is the home covered in the overall insurance quote?

Simply put, if equipment, buildings or livestock are vital to the running of your farm, these should be included in your farm insurance quote.

If you can’t afford to lose it, insurance it.

Farm Insurance and Public Liability

A well-rounded farm insurance quote should absolutely cover public liability. Public lability not only covers accidents that occur on the farm but also ensures that injuries to the public arising from farming activities are covered.

Employers Liability

Whether you farm employee’s three people or 300, employee liability should be included in a farm insurance quote. Employer liability protects a farm owner against liability claims in cases where an employee of the farm gets injured or gets sick due to farming activities.

Need more advice

The above is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it got you thinking of the various different facets of farm insurance. If you're interested in discussing the right type of insurance for your farm, we invite you to get in contact with our offices today. To find out more about our Farm Insurance packages, visit our Farm Insurance page.

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