Life And Pension Insurance

John Brady Insurances Ltd. provides clients with a range of pensions and life insurance policies. Our brokers strive to always offer the very best quotes that offer both peace of mind and absolute value for money.
As life can so often be unpredictable, it is never too early to think about investing in a life insurance policy. Life insurance ensures that a client’s dependants are financially protected in the unfortunate event of a passing.
Our life insurance packages include:

  • Health Insurance

  • Mortgage protection

  • Protection for the Client and Their Family

To discuss our range of life insurance and pension protection options, get in contact with John Brady Insurances Ltd. today.

Life Insurance

Our brokers work closely with the client in designing and recommending the right type of life insurance policy for their unique requirements. Our range of options includes serious illness cover, mortgage cover and business protection.
We make the process of choosing life insurance as straightforward as possible and always strive to get our clients the lowest quote possible.

Pension Planning

We provide a range of pension planning services, designed to make sure a client and their family are protected in retirement.
Our brokers can recommend the right insurance company to handle the client’s pension, ensuring that their money is working for them.

John Brady Insurances Ltd. Life and Pension Insurance 

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